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Language Learning unlocks doors to success!

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The Language Lake is an affordable and fit-for-purpose online learning platform. It helps individuals, groups and corporates gain confidence and make foreign language learning fun.

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About The Language Lake

Being multilingual makes you sharper, smarter & valued!

Why The Language Lake

Knowledge of a foreign language opens up several career avenues in the education, service and healthcare sector.

We at The Language Lake will help you bring your dream come true by providing online interactive learning.

Why the language lake
Why the language lake

Vetted expert trainers

Why the language lake


Why the language lake


Why the language lake

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Why the language lake

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Our teachers are well-skilled, experience and make learning easy, interactive and interesting.

Co-Founder Deepti Gupta

Deepti Gupta, a management graduate by degree & a German language trainer has been in education field for now more than 10 years. She is certified in German language and is consulting in the language training space from last few years.

In recent time of pandemics, she saw a great need of focus in language learning area for individuals and kids to gain momentum in academics and professional fields. She thought of coming up with an online learning platform for all. She is quite passionate about the language learning programs that can help our communities throughout the country and globally.

Co-Founder and Language Trainer

Looking for language teaching as a career? Send your resume to us at contact@thelanguagelake.com